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Terms Conditions Template

The term of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your affiliate application and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause. As an affiliate, you have already accepted binding terms with the affiliate network. The following terms are specific to your engagement as an affiliate with our brand, MERCHANT. Breach of these terms will lead to immediate termination from our program with negative feedback left on your network profile and may result in transaction voids.


Last-click attribution is the default method of deciding which affiliate earns the commission. “Coupon” affiliates that close the transaction in the clickstream for “content” affiliates share commissions with those content affiliates. Ask the manager what your percentage will be through Leapfrog. Commissions will be less than default for traditional coupon affiliates, sub-affiliate networks and shopping cart abandonment affiliates. VIP commissions exist for content affiliates and short-term loyalty placements. Questions about your commission? Ask the manager.


You do NOT have permission to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in conjunction with promoting MERCHANT. No direct link, no trademark terms, no trademark plus coupon terms. Non-trademark and long tail terms must be approved by the affiliate manager in advance. We will monitor this account daily for violations. Trademarks include (KEYWORDS HERE) and/or any misspellings or similar trademark alterations of these keywords. Affiliate agrees not to register or use any URLs and/or domain names which are considered by MERCHANT to be infringing on MERCHANT name or trademark, including but not limited to any registered trademark and all pending trademarks. Affiliate agrees not to use, purchase or otherwise contract with a third party to exploit any of MERCHANT marks or registered domain names, or any marks or domain names which may, in MERCHANT reasonable discretion, be confused with MERCHANT marks or registered domain names, including but not limited to misspellings of MERCHANT marks or registered domain names, whether in metatags or otherwise. It is ok to use MERCHANT Brand Term in the display url subdomain or path. For example: are permitted, but the landing page must contain only MERCHANT offers and no offers for competitors, and the domain name must not be registered under an identity-shield. Only use logos, banners and images provided through the affiliate network interface.


When promoting MERCHANT, make sure you are authorized to promote deals or coupons. Affiliates are not permitted to use misleading text, images or links that imply any deal that is not expressly authorized through the affiliate channel. Use of exclusive coupon codes by unauthorized affiliates will result in voided transactions. User submitted coupon codes from other marketing channels such as email and others are prohibited from use by affiliates. Coupons and deals must be removed immediately after they expire. Spyware, adware, parasiteware, browser help objects, cookie stuffing and toolbars are not permitted. We will not accept being opted out partially from toolbars. Full compliance is the only option. Any affiliates buying media/ads must work with the affiliate manager to ensure quality clicks. All leads belong to MERCHANT. Sub-affiliate transactions without referring URLs are subject to voids. We must know who is promoting our products.

For Twitter and Facebook – before every review or any ad post with an affiliate link, it must have #ad prior to the post if it includes a direct link to MERCHANT. You do not have to disclose if it’s just directed to your blog post. For any posts which have an affiliate link included and you have received a free product or you are endorsing a product you must disclose before the review a brief disclosure stating that you received the product in return for an honest product review and the post includes an affiliate link. Here is an example you can use: Product was provided for free however the review is my honest opinion and includes affiliate links. If you have questions, ask the affiliate manager.