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affiliate marketing partnerships

Digital marketing is a field that never stands still, and the ability to leverage data effectively is a game-changer for those looking to scale new heights. We're thrilled to welcome Lacie Thompson from LT Partners on this podcast episode of Affiliate Nerd Out, where she'll share her remarkable journey from the early steps in her career to running a leading digital marketing agency.

Starting with her venture into the world of online jewelry sales at Blue Nile, moving through to a significant phase at Expedia, to launching her own consulting firm, Thompson sharpened her prowess in data analysis and performance marketing.

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Meet Lacie Thompson

Lacie Thompson stands at the forefront of digital marketing with a rich tapestry of experience that spans over 15 years, especially shining in the affiliate marketing sector.

Her career took root on the brand side, where she made her mark at prominent names such as Blue Nile and Expedia, before she ventured into the vibrant agency sphere with her own consulting firm.

What sets LT Partners Apart?

The creation of LT Partners was fueled by Thompson's passion for delivering bespoke consulting services in affiliate marketing, where strategies are not just applied, but meticulously tailored to align with the distinct objectives of each client.

Her firm is renowned for its dedication to serving brands from a wide range of sectors, diving into the heart of their business operations, and forging partnerships that transcend traditional outcomes. Here are some thing that set them apart.

  1. Personalized consultation: LT Partners focuses on understanding each client's unique needs to tailor strategies perfectly aligned with their goals.
  2. Strategic acumen: The agency excels in creating innovative partnership solutions that enhance affiliate programs, drive customer acquisition, and boost ROI through strategic expertise.
  3. Varied client base: With experience across diverse industries such as FinTech, travel, and retail, LT Partners demonstrates its adaptability and capability to meet various sector-specific demands.
  4. Driven by data: Utilizing advanced analytics, LT Partners leverages data for insightful decision-making, helping clients explore new opportunities for growth.
  5. Dedication to innovation: The agency not only aims for client success but also contributes to the broader affiliate marketing community by championing innovation and progress.
  6. Partnership and collaboration: Building partnerships based on trust and transparency, LT Partners emphasizes collaboration and tailored solutions for collective success.

Under Lacie Thompson's leadership, LT Partners redefines industry standards, showcasing excellence in affiliate marketing with a focus on strategic, data-driven, and collaborative approaches.

affiliate marketing partnerships

6 Critical Mistakes Publishers Must Avoid for Successful Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Thompson emphasizes six key mistakes publishers, especially those with smaller teams or limited resources, should avoid due to the lack of accessible robust data.

1. Compromised decision-making

Publishers, particularly in the mid-long tail segment who lack large teams or access to analysts, often face compromised decision-making abilities. The scarcity of comprehensive data can hinder their capability to make informed choices and effectively optimize affiliate programs.

2. Not identifying top performers

Without detailed data, it's a mistake for publishers to not be able to identify which affiliates are significantly contributing to their programs. This oversight could lead them to miss out on valuable opportunities for collaboration and revenue growth.

3. Inefficient partnership management

Thompson highlights the importance of efficient partnership management. A lack of data-driven insights and tools for effective communication and tracking can make it a challenge to manage and nurture affiliate partnerships successfully.

4. Over reliance on manual processes

The absence of the right data and tools can lead publishers to rely too much on manual processes. Thompson points out this is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, emphasizing the need for scalable processes and automation.

5. Difficulty in measuring impact

A significant mistake is the inability to assess the effectiveness of strategies and initiatives due to the lack of comprehensive data. This limitation can prevent publishers from demonstrating value to clients and stakeholders, potentially missing out on development and optimization opportunities.

affiliate marketing partnerships

6 Struggle to stay competitive

In the fast-evolving affiliate marketing industry, timely and relevant data insights are crucial to stay competitive. Publishers with insufficient robust data may find it difficult to innovate and adapt to market changes, putting them at a disadvantage compared to competitors.

Thompson brings attention to the necessity of balancing data with creative strategies. Emphasizing innovation and the need to replicate successful strategies through comprehensive training and processes ensures that team members are well-equipped to deliver consistent results. This also helps avoid the pitfall of stagnation in a highly competitive landscape.

affiliate marketing partnerships

Wrapping up the affiliate marketing partnerships episode

We round off the podcast with reflections on the exceptional experience at the latest Affiliate Summit
The world of digital marketing is known for its constant evolution and swift changes.

This demands that professionals in this area stay nimble, always ready to absorb new tools, trends, and insights. Thompson’s perspectives provide valuable takeaways for anyone aiming to master this arena. Her approach to digital marketing, which harmonizes the artistic with the scientific, reflects the industry's complex nature and the inventive, analytical mindset needed to flourish.

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Dustin Howes


Dustin Howes is a partnership nerd spreading the good word about performance marketing. He is the chief coach at and is dedicated to helping companies grow their performance marketing channels. He also provides affiliate manager training and private consultations, helping companies find the right solution for their budget.

Find out more about Dustin here.

Episode Timestamp

0:53Lacie Thompson joins me to discuss her 15-year journey in affiliate marketing partnerships.
1:28Thompson details her extensive journey in affiliate marketing partnerships, spanning various renowned companies.
4:40Beginnings of LT Partners, her agency, driven by entrepreneurial risk assessment.
7:07Coaching is pivotal for personal and professional growth in affiliate marketing partnerships, as Thompson explains.
10:03Our selective focus on specific business sectors, excluding B2B, ensures we excel in affiliate marketing partnerships.
11:04Data analysis is crucial in evaluating affiliate marketing partnerships for client success, a cornerstone at LT Partners.
13:38Our altruistic approach offers free audits, elevating the affiliate marketing partnerships industry collectively.
16:18LT Partners' integrated CRM system efficiently manages and nurtures affiliate marketing partnerships, ensuring seamless operations.
20:25The significance of streamlined processes in fostering affiliate marketing partnerships.
22:41Tools like Asana and Loom to streamline operations and train our team effectively, essential for cultivating strong affiliate marketing partnerships.
26:09Utilizing tools like email platforms to ensure personalized communication and foster genuine partnerships.
32:03The cornerstone of our approach to affiliate marketing partnerships, aligning perfectly with LT Partners' ethos.
33:11Leveraging data insights and automation tools is essential for optimizing affiliate marketing partnerships and driving mutual success.