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Want to Change Platforms? Here Are 6 Strategies for a Smooth Affiliate Marketing Software Transition

Affiliate Marketing Software

Gaining expertise in affiliate marketing goes beyond just knowing the basics; it's about exploring the finer details that can greatly improve the success of your marketing endeavors. The latest episode of Affiliate Nerd Out, featuring our special guest Drew Johnson from Everflow, offered an abundance of insights.

Affiliate marketing software bridges the gap between data reporting and real-time optimization” – Drew Johnson

These insights are invaluable for both newcomers and seasoned marketers looking to successfully navigate the intricate world of affiliate marketing software, affiliate data, partnership tracking, and making the most of emerging platforms like TikTok.

If you're looking to transition to a new affiliate marketing software, like Everflow, Johnson shares 6 strategies to help you make a smooth transition.

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Meet Drew Johnson of Everflow

Drew Johnson holds the pivotal role of Director of Business Development at Everflow, a trailblazer in the realm of tracking and attribution within the affiliate marketing sphere.

Bringing to the table over half a decade of rich experience with Everflow, Drew's professional portfolio is as varied as it is impressive, spanning agency roles, lead generation networks, and oversight of mobile and programmatic advertising initiatives.

His journey into the digital marketing world kicked off with a focus on arbitrage clicks, a phase that equipped him with invaluable insights into technology and sales dynamics.

Affiliate Marketing Software

How EverFlow Stands Out From Other Networks and Platforms

In his discussion, Drew Johnson highlights what makes Everflow stand out from the usual affiliate networks and platforms.

He points out that Everflow is fundamentally a tracking and attribution powerhouse, not just another network. Let's explore how Everflow carves its unique space:

1. Everflow masters tracking and attribution

At its heart, Everflow is all about precision in tracking and attribution. It offers a clear window into marketing data across a spectrum of channels in real-time. This is a shift from the traditional role of networks as middlemen linking brands with traffic sources. Everflow's ambition is to arm its clients with a full suite of tracking and attribution tools.

2. It's a platform with a vision

Though Everflow encompasses a marketplace and network aspect, it primarily sees itself as a platform. This perspective shifts the narrative from simply bridging connections between brands and traffic sources to providing a robust platform where clients can monitor and dissect their marketing activities in one unified space. This shift empowers clients, granting them the reins to tailor and fine-tune their campaigns.

3. Data and analytics are at the forefront

Everflow's dedication to tracking and attribution naturally spills over into its rich data and analytics offerings. By illuminating metrics and pivotal moments in the customer journey, Everflow hands its clients the keys to make informed decisions and sharpen their marketing strategies for maximum impact.

4. It's designed for flexibility and growth

Everflow stands out for its adaptability and scalability, permitting clients to manage multiple brands under one account or shape their campaigns to meet specific demands. This level of flexibility is a departure from the more fixed frameworks of traditional networks, marking Everflow as a distinct player.

Flexibility is the linchpin of successful affiliate programs, and the right software makes all the difference.” – Drew Johnson

At its core, Everflow distinguishes itself through a steadfast commitment to top-tier tracking and attribution services. With a platform-first approach and a spotlight on data and analytics, Everflow crafts a unique proposition for those seeking to elevate their marketing game with accuracy and insight.

From here, the conversation ventured into the challenges faced by affiliate managers when transitioning their networks.

Resistance to change is a common hurdle, yet Everflow's adaptability has proven to be a key factor in facilitating smooth platform adoption. This is a beacon of hope for managers seeking to overhaul their affiliate partnerships without causing friction among stakeholders.

6 Strategies for a Smooth Affiliate Network Transition

  1. Technical integration: Ensure a seamless tech transition by planning and adapting to new systems.
  2. Data migration: Precisely transfer all affiliate data to maintain integrity and continuity.
  3. Affiliate relationships: Maintain open communication to keep affiliates aligned and engaged during the switch.
  4. Training and education: Provide comprehensive training on the new network for both your team and affiliates.
  5. Performance monitoring: Closely monitor metrics post-transition to quickly address any performance issues.
  6. Cost considerations: Evaluate the financial implications and potential value of switching networks.
  7. Compliance and security: Choose a network that prioritizes data security and regulatory compliance.
  8. Vendor support and reliability: Partner with a network known for strong support and reliability to ensure smooth operations.

Steering through these challenges with a clear vision, proactive communication, and a dash of courage, transitioning affiliate networks can open new horizons for growth and success.

Remember, it's not just about surviving the transition but thriving through it.

Future-proofing your media buying tactics for the Tiktok generation

The future of media buying, especially with the advent of TikTok, was another focal point of the discussion. With Everflow's direct API integration with TikTok, tracking data and optimizing media buys has become more streamlined, indicating a significant shift in how affiliate marketing strategies are being reshaped by social media platforms.

The evolving digital landscape, highlighted by TikTok's emergence, calls for advertisers to be agile, creative, and strategic to thrive.

Here are some insights into the future of media buying based on the discussion:

  • Platform diversification: The rise of platforms like TikTok is diversifying media buying, offering advertisers more avenues to reach varied audiences, especially younger demographics.
  • Trend adaptation: Staying current with trends, especially TikTok's short-form video content, is crucial for advertisers aiming to engage the platform's vast user base effectively.
  • Creativity and authenticity emphasis: TikTok demands ads that blend with user-generated content, pushing brands towards more authentic and creative advertising approaches.
  • Data-driven strategies: Leveraging TikTok's analytics is key for optimizing ad campaigns through insights on engagement, conversions, and audience behaviors.
  • Integration into marketing strategy: TikTok campaigns should complement a brand's overall marketing efforts, ensuring cohesive messaging across all channels for greater impact.

Wrapping the Affiliate marketing software episode

In conclusion, this episode of Affiliate Nerd Out not only provided a deep dive into the technical aspects of Everflow's capabilities but also touched upon the broader themes of industry growth, creative marketing, and the importance of maintaining personal well-being amidst the hustle of affiliate marketing.

Whether you are managing affiliate partnerships or simply interested in the latest industry trends, this podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their affiliate marketing game.

Affiliate manager consultant

Dustin Howes


Dustin Howes is a partnership nerd spreading the good word about performance marketing. He is the chief coach at and is dedicated to helping companies grow their performance marketing channels. He also provides affiliate manager training and private consultations, helping companies find the right solution for their budget.

Find out more about Dustin here.

Episode timestamp

0:52Dustin Howes introduces Drew Johnson joins as a guest, ready for live Q&A about affiliate marketing.
1:52Drew talks about his extensive experience with affiliate marketing software, spanning various sectors.
5:32Everflow, a trusted affiliate marketing software, caters to diverse industries with real-time tracking
7:31Dustin and Drew share their unconventional paths into the affiliate marketing software realm.
9:13The importance of mastering the vocabulary of affiliate marketing software.
10:34Discussion on the necessity for affiliates to grasp the nuances of affiliate marketing software.
12:11Drew distinguishes between affiliate networks and software platforms, highlighting Everflow's focus on the latter.
14:24Everflow's API-centric approach ensures seamless integration with diverse affiliate marketing software systems.
16:24The challenges of persuading affiliates to adopt affiliate marketing software platforms.
18:06Drew underscores Everflow's adaptability in catering to affiliate preferences, sans direct integration.
21:03Importance of focusing on top affiliates and strategic partnerships in affiliate marketing software.
23:34Drew advises brands to assess their internal program structure and competitor pricing before choosing affiliate marketing software.
26:28Everflow's capability to set up multiple brands and publishers, distinguishing it from traditional networks.
31:59The challenges of working from home and shares strategies for maintaining productivity and work-life balance.
36:52Drew confirms Everflow's continued integration with TikTok, enabling seamless tracking and optimization for affiliate marketing campaigns.
38:02 Hhonesty and consulting as key factors for sales reps to stand out in the competitive landscape of tracking platforms.
40:57 Drew invites listeners to connect with him on LinkedIn or via email for further discussions on Everflow and affiliate marketing software.
41:46Dustin concludes the episode, announcing the next topic and thanking Drew for his insights on affiliate marketing software.