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Marshall Nyman, the marketing maestro at the helm of NYMO & Co., swings by the Affiliate Nerd Out podcast to dish out some electrifying insights into content affiliate marketing.

Nyman opens his treasure chest of strategies and shows us how his crafty coupon moves can send conversion rates through the roof and give that Average Order Value (AOV) a hefty pump.

Get set for a power-packed session with Marshall Nyman as we fine-tune affiliate programs, select top-tier publishers, and discuss commission models that delight affiliates.

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Who Is Marshall Nyman?

Marshall Nyman is more than just the founder and CEO of NYMO & Co. He is a dedicated affiliate marketing expert who aids emerging e-commerce brands in initializing or refining their affiliate programs. With over six years of industry experience, he has become an essential figure for e-commerce entities generating revenues between $2M-$50M.

Nyman takes a strategic approach to affiliate marketing and believes in creating high-valued affiliate programs aligned strategically with the right partners. He diligently manages their attribution, creating a safeguard against potential infringements by coupon affiliates. He also promotes active collaboration between his coupon partners as his goal is to refine new customer acquisition strategies while maximizing average order values.

This level of attention and synchronization helps amplify brand awareness and attracts new customer prospects through a content-centric promotional model.

If you want more of his insights, Nyman hosts the “Performance Marketing Spotlight” podcast where he interviews affiliate marketing experts. This platform provides valuable insights and helps build a network of professionals within the industry.

What Is NYMO & Co.?

content affiliate marketing

Los Angeles-based NYMO & Co. offers unique assistance to early-stage DTC e-commerce brands, specializing in the development and refinement of affiliate programs. The agency prioritizes partnerships with an emphasis on content-driven strategies, mainly for physical products.

In essence, NYMO & Co. crafts strategic, customized affiliate programs that meet each client's requirements. They adeptly navigate challenges and ensure a positive user experience in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.

 “It's not just about securing affiliates; it's also about actively pursuing potential partners and ensuring they comply with the rules,” says Nyman.

NYMO & Co. offers:

  1. Program audits: The agency comprehensively evaluates affiliate programs, analyzing publishers, identifying issues like trademark bidding and conversion rates, and implementing necessary rectifications.
  2. Attribution models: The agency focuses on fair credit distribution among partners. While favoring the last click model, it also considers separate conversion lines for partners offering coupons and loyalty rewards.
  3. Coupon code management: A significant part of NYMO & Co.'s strategy is proactive coupon code management. It limits the number of partners offering coupons and adopts a targeted approach to boost incremental revenue.

What New Clients Can Expect at NYMO & Co.

Marshall Nyman underscores how essential it is to meticulously manage and optimize these relationships, thus ensuring they add value to the overall scheme of things. Here are some practices NYMO & Co. employ with new clients.

  1. Publisher mix: Nyman's audit begins with assessing the publisher mix, specifically the proportion of coupon partners, and checking if it aligns with the brand's goals.
  2. Proper attribution: He emphasizes correct attribution, suggesting a distinct conversion line for coupon sites to ensure fair credit distribution.
  3. Coupon strategy: Nyman recommends a strategic approach to coupon partnerships, involving unique codes, targeting specific products, and aiming for higher average order values (AOV).
  4. Coupon management: Brands should actively manage coupon codes and keep affiliates informed to ensure a positive customer experience.
  5. Audit process: The audit involves examining the publisher mix, conversion rates, and potential trademark bidding issues to identify areas for improvement.
  6. Goal alignment: Understanding the brand's goals is crucial in developing a tailored affiliate program strategy.
  7. Program clean-up: After identifying suitable publishers, the program should be cleaned up by evaluating and adjusting commissions for fair compensation.
  8. Program rebuilding: He suggests rebuilding the affiliate program to make it attractive for publishers, providing high-quality images and valuable information.

A strategic approach is needed in managing coupon and loyalty sites within an affiliate program to ensure they contribute positively to the program's objectives.

Nyman's Perspective on Last Click Attribution Program

Content Affiliate Marketing

Last click attribution is a widely used attribution model in marketing, and, like any tool, it has its strengths and weaknesses.

This model, in essence, allocates full credit for a conversion to the final touchpoint or interaction that directly leads to a sale. It's a simple, straightforward methodology that offers clear insights into which channels or affiliates are driving immediate conversions. Noted marketer Marshall commends its simplicity, accessibility, and efficiency, particularly in direct response campaigns or promotions designed to spur immediate action.

However, this model is not without its limitations. As Marshall points out, Last click attribution can overlook earlier interactions that may have significantly influenced the customer's decision-making process. This can cause a misallocation of resources and missed opportunities in today's multi-channel, multi-device landscape where customers often engage with multiple touchpoints before converting.

Marshall suggests a balanced approach, incorporating additional models such as first click, linear attribution, or time-decay attribution. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and captures the full spectrum of touchpoints contributing to conversions. In conclusion, while Last click attribution has its place, a more holistic strategy can yield deeper insights into customer behavior and more effective marketing strategies.

  • Strengths of last click attribution:
    • Simplicity and clarity
    • Accessibility for marketers at all levels
    • Effectiveness in direct response campaigns
  • Limitations of last click attribution:
    • Overlooks influence of earlier interactions
    • Can lead to misallocation of resources
  • Nyman's suggested approach:
    • Balanced use of last click attribution
    • Incorporation of other models like first-click, linear, or time-decay attribution
    • Understanding of the full customer journey for better decision-making and resource allocation.

Nyman's View on the Future of Affiliate Marketing

In the realm of affiliate marketing, there is a growing need to evolve and embrace more sophisticated strategies. Nyman, an industry expert, shares his insights on this subject, highlighting the importance of understanding customer journeys and the role of affiliates in influencing these multi-channel engagements.

Content affiliate marketing

1. Transition from last-click attribution to more advanced models

Nyman forecasts a future where affiliate marketing moves beyond the rudimentary last-click attribution model. This model gives full credit for a sale to the last touchpoint, often overlooking other influential factors in the customer journey.

He recommends adopting more intricate attribution models that account for various touchpoints and channels impacting a customer's purchasing decision.

2. Affiliate marketing's integration with comprehensive marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing programs should not function in a vacuum, says Nyman. He envisions a future where these programs will be deeply interlinked with other marketing strategies.

This integration, backed by data and insights from diverse channels, can help improve the performance of affiliate marketing programs.

3. Transparency and trust: Pillars of successful partnerships

Nyman emphasizes the importance of transparency and trust in the future of affiliate marketing. As consumer expectations shift, maintaining authenticity and integrity in affiliate partnerships becomes increasingly crucial. These qualities aid in establishing long-term relationships and promoting customer loyalty.

Nyman's vision for the future of affiliate marketing is marked by sophistication, integration, and an unwavering commitment to delivering value to both brands and consumers.

By embracing advanced attribution models, integrating with broader marketing strategies, and prioritizing transparency, affiliate marketers can effectively navigate the evolving digital landscape and retain their competitive advantage.

Done right, affiliate marketing can significantly enhance a brand's revenue.


Affiliate marketing is more than a strategy. It's akin to a superpower that can skyrocket brand visibility and revenue. Our guest, Marshall Nyman, the Affiliate Marketing Avenger, emphasized the need for understanding your brand's unique mission, building a strong affiliate program, and scouting for the ideal partners.

Mastering affiliate marketing involves “actively pursuing potential partners and ensuring they comply with the rules,” says Nyman. In layman's terms: maintain good relationships, put in the hard work, and always stay focused on your goals.

Moreover, he reminded us that even the busiest superheroes need downtime, highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, staying updated with industry trends is as crucial as keeping your superhero cape clean in this rapidly expanding content affiliate marketing universe.

Episode Timestamps

1:48Marshall Nyman shares his expertise in content affiliate marketing strategies within the industry.
2:33Discussion on the performance marketing spotlight podcast, which serves as a platform to explore insights into content affiliate marketing.
6:28Content-focused approach in affiliate marketing programs to drive brand awareness and new customers.
8:39The importance of strategic incorporation of coupon and loyalty sites into affiliate programs to optimize content affiliate marketing efforts.
10:54Marshall underscores the necessity of a targeted strategy for coupon partners to effectively drive incremental revenue in content affiliate marketing.
12:48Audit process for affiliate programs, focusing on evaluating the publisher mix and addressing issues like trademark bidding to enhance content affiliate marketing strategies.
15:16Marshall discusses setting up attribution models, with Last Click being commonly preferred due to its effectiveness in content affiliate marketing.
17:08The evolving landscape of attribution in content affiliate marketing and anticipates potential changes in the future.
18:45Common misconceptions about affiliate programs, stressing the importance of giving proper credit to content partners to maximize content affiliate marketing success.
22:34Marshall Nyman suggests a selective approach, accepting only 1% of affiliate program applications to ensure quality partnerships in content affiliate marketing.
25:39Anecdote about encountering fraudulent activities in affiliate applications, emphasizing the importance of monitoring compliance in content affiliate marketing.
27:46Marshall Nyman discusses a unique case of fraudulent activity involving fake credit card orders, highlighting the importance of vigilance in content affiliate marketing.
29:07The growing emphasis on content and tracking in affiliate marketing, indicating ongoing trends in content affiliate marketing strategies.
30:03Marshall Nyman predicts a bright future for affiliate marketing, envisioning it as a primary marketing channel adaptable to emerging trends in content affiliate marketing.
32:30Marshall Nyman advocates for prioritizing employee well-being, suggesting a philosophy of encouraging sufficient time off to maintain mental health in content affiliate marketing.
35:11The importance of encouraging employees to take time off for personal well-being, highlighting a philosophy of minimums, not maximums, in content affiliate marketing.
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