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In this episode of Affiliate Nerd Out, Jorge Barbosa, the creative force behind Wecantrack, joins us. This episode immerses you in the world of affiliate marketing data tracking, shedding light on conversion tracking, attribution, and integration. We cover Jorge's professional evolution and how Wecantrack is revolutionizing the industry.

For those grappling with affiliate marketing challenges, we navigate through cutting-edge tech solutions, the transition from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4, and how the product simplifies the process by eliminating the need for manual sub-IDs. Packed with invaluable insights and actionable advice, this conversation aims to elevate your affiliate marketing campaigns and content creation, irrespective of your experience level.

Jorge's affiliation journey.

Jorge Barbosa, hailing from Portugal, shares his journey into the affiliate marketing realm. With a background in digital marketing, Jorge stumbled upon an opportunity that led him to join an affiliate publisher. Little did he know, this chance would mark the beginning of his thorough exploration into the captivating world of affiliate marketing. Over the past five to six years, Jorge has been actively involved in the industry, working both as a publisher and now as part of the WeCanTrack team.

WeCanTrack: Elevating affiliate marketing with precision.

WeCanTrack revolutionizes affiliate marketing with its all-in-one suite, simplifying tracking for publishers. Tailored for review websites, blogs, and content platforms, WeCanTrack connects websites and affiliate networks, providing valuable insights into conversions, landing pages, and traffic sources. The platform's reporting features empower publishers to optimize content and replicate successful strategies. Beyond the basics, WeCanTrack introduces advanced features, decoding sales-generating pages and streamlining marketing strategies. A vital ally for affiliate publishers, WeCanTrack paves the way to success in the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing by simplifying tracking complexities and ensuring precision in every step.

One of the main topics of discussion was the challenge of navigating through common difficulties in affiliate marketing. This is where innovative tech solutions come into play. One example is the world of cloaked links. These are essential in affiliate marketing, helping marketers mask their affiliate tracking links, thus making them more appealing to prospective customers. Another key point was the transition from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4, which offers more robust and detailed reporting features.

1. Diversification of traffic sources.

Affiliates face challenges with changes in search engine algorithms, such as Google updates. Relying solely on one traffic source makes affiliates vulnerable to fluctuations in rankings and potential penalties.

2. Impact of Google updates.

Jorge acknowledges that affiliates were affected by recent Google updates. Stressing the importance of adapting to changes, he recommends affiliates diversify their traffic channels to minimize risks associated with algorithm updates.

3. Analyzing website content.

Affiliates should focus on creating helpful and relevant content for users. Regularly analyzing the performance of content allows affiliates to identify what works and make informed decisions for optimization.

4. Utilizing tracking and analytics tools.

Tracking tools like LinkTrackr play a crucial role in providing affiliates with insights into user behavior, conversion data, and the performance of various traffic sources. Analytics tools such as Google Analytics 4 offer comprehensive data that can be leveraged for informed decision-making.

5. Automated strategies and bidding.

Affiliates can benefit from automated bidding strategies in platforms like Google Ads. Leveraging user conversion data allows for the optimization of ad campaigns based on Return on investment (ROI), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) , and other key performance indicators.


6. Affiliate manager support.

The importance of affiliate managers in providing support and guidance to affiliates is highlighted. Tools like LinkTrackr aim to make the affiliate manager's role more efficient by automating tracking and providing valuable insights.

7. Challenges in content relevance.

Affiliates may face challenges in identifying the most relevant keywords and content for their audience. Regular analysis of data helps in refining content strategies, ensuring that efforts are focused on what truly resonates with the target audience.

8. Affiliate program promotion.

Jorge mentions the LinkTrackr affiliate program, suggesting that affiliate managers can promote such tools to their affiliates.This not only benefits affiliates by providing them with useful affiliate management tools but also creates an additional revenue stream for affiliate managers.

The automation advantage of Wecantrack.

The conversation also touched on the elimination of manual sub IDs. These unique identifiers are often used by affiliate marketers to track the performance of their affiliate links. WeCanTrack offers an automated solution to this problem. It streamlines the tracking of transactions and user behavior, eliminating the need for manual Sub ID management. Its system is compatible with various cloaking plugins and affiliate networks, further simplifying the process. Features such as automated reporting and the ability to add UTM parameters to links shared on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, give affiliates greater flexibility in tracking campaign sources. In essence, WeCanTrack enhances accuracy, streamlines analysis, and provides valuable marketing insights.


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The importance of tracking data in affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, the discussion emphasized the importance of tracking data in affiliate marketing. Jorge explained that understanding what works and what converts on a website allows affiliate publishers to make informed decisions.

Data tracking in affiliate marketing is not just a nice-to-have, it's a must. Here are the reasons why:

Optimizing performance: Accurate data tracking empowers affiliates to optimize campaign performance by analyzing key metrics like clicks, conversions, and user behavior.

Informed decision-making: Precise data provides affiliates with insights to make informed decisions, ensuring strategic adjustments based on real-time campaign performance.

Refining strategies: Data-driven analytics allow affiliates to refine marketing strategies, identifying high-performing keywords and sources while eliminating less effective practices.

Maximizing ROI: Tracking metrics helps in identifying what works, enabling affiliates to focus resources on strategies that yield the highest return on investment (ROI).

Diversifying traffic sources: Comprehensive data tracking facilitates the diversification of traffic sources, reducing dependence on a single channel and mitigating risks associated with changes in algorithms or market dynamics.

Enhancing targeting: Understanding user behavior through data allows for more precise targeting, ensuring that marketing efforts resonate with the intended audience.

Adapting to trends: Data-driven insights enable affiliates to adapt to evolving market trends, staying ahead of the curve and maintaining relevance in the competitive landscape.

Long-term success: Continuous data tracking is essential for long-term success in affiliate marketing, providing the agility to navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Impact of Google's latest update on affiliate marketers.

Finally, we touched on the impact of Google's latest update on affiliate marketers. This update has underscored the importance of diversifying traffic sources and creating helpful, relevant content. With tools like WeContract, affiliate marketers can analyze their data, increase their performance, and lessen the impact of future updates.


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Wrapping up this Wecantrack love-fest.

In conclusion, this podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone in the affiliate marketing industry. Whether you're an experienced marketer or a newbie, the insights shared by Jorge Barbosa can help you take your affiliate marketing game to the next level.

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Episode timestamp.

0:28Dustin Howes introduces Affiliate Nerd Out, emphasizing affiliate marketing discussions every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15 PT.
1:07Jorge Barbosa from WeContract joins as a guest to discuss affiliate publisher data tracking and conversions.
2:20Dustin mentions a special Christmas episode on December 19 and invites everyone to join the Affiliate Nerd Out Christmas party.
3:13Jorge introduces himself, sharing his experience in the affiliate industry, previously working for an affiliate publisher and currently with WeCanTrack.
5:36Jorge discusses the origin of WeCanTrack's name, emphasizing its straightforward message about tracking data.
6:32Jorge explains WeCanTrack's services, focusing on providing conversion tracking, attribution, and integration for affiliate publishers.
9:19Discussion on the importance of tracking data for strategy, identifying top-performing partners, and optimizing content for affiliates.
12:29Technical difficulties arise, and Dustin and Jorge take a short break.
17:07The hosts return after technical issues and continue discussing the significance of data in affiliate marketing.
22:47Jorge explains how WeCanTrack can track cloaked affiliate links, particularly when using plugins like Pretty Links.
24:05Discussion on WeCanTrack's extensive integrations with over 350 affiliate networks and software.
28:52Jorge mentions audit calls where WeCanTrack experts can help users optimize their accounts and offer advanced features.
30:32Jorge discusses the impact of Google's last update on affiliates and emphasizes the importance of diversifying traffic sources.
32:48Jorge explains how WeCanTrack can assist affiliate managers by automating tracking and helping affiliates perform better.
34:27Jorge mentions WeCanTrack's affiliate program and invites potential partners to connect with him via email or LinkedIn.
36:03Dustin thanks Jorge for joining and invites everyone to the Affiliate Nerd Out Christmas party on December 19.
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