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Affiliate Recruitment Software

Victor Giurgiu, the prodigy behind Affistash, joins Affiliate Nerd Out to discuss his journey and the future of the affiliate industry. Despite being a high school student, Vic is already disrupting the SaaS world, transitioning from working at an affiliate marketing agency at 15 years old to creating Affistash, a ground-breaking affiliate recruitment software.

In our conversation, he reveals the origins of Affistash, the importance of validating a business idea, and the power of networking. We jump into AI's role in affiliate marketing, where Vic shares Affistash's AI capabilities and emphasizes choosing a passionate niche, product validation, and mentorship. He also provides insight into balancing academics with running a successful business.

So, plug in and prepare to navigate the intriguing mind of a young entrepreneur who is reshaping the contours of the affiliate marketing world.

How can one stay ahead in the ever-evolving arena of affiliate marketing? The answer lies in leveraging innovative tools like Affistash. This cutting-edge affiliate recruitment software is revolutionizing how businesses find and engage potential affiliates and partners. In this blog post, we'll explore the key features of Affistash, as well as insights from its creator, Victor Giurgiu.

What is affiliate recruitment software in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate recruitment software in affiliate marketing is a digital tool used by businesses to find, enlist, and manage individuals or companies who promote their products or services in exchange for a commission. These software tools automate the process, making it easier to manage and optimize affiliate programs.

Here are some of its features and benefits:

  1. Tracking of affiliate activities:
    • Feature: This allows businesses to monitor the performance of their affiliates.
    • Benefit: By identifying which affiliates are driving the most traffic or sales, businesses can optimize the program for increased effectiveness.
  2. Calculation of commissions:
    • Feature: The software automates the calculation of commissions for each affiliate.
    • Benefit: This eliminates the need for manual calculations, ensuring accurate and timely payments that build trust between the business and its affiliates.
  3. Communication with affiliates:
    • Feature: The software provides communication tools designed for interacting with affiliates.
    • Benefit: Streamlined communication improves relationships with affiliates, leading to better performance and loyalty.
  4. Real-time reporting:
    • Feature: Some software offers real-time reporting on affiliate activity and sales.
    • Benefit: This gives businesses up-to-the-minute information, enabling quick decision-making and strategy adjustments.
  5. Fraud detection:
    • Feature: Advanced software may include fraud detection capabilities.
    • Benefit: This helps maintain the integrity of the affiliate program by protecting businesses from fraudulent activities.
  6. Integration with other systems:
    • Feature: The software can integrate with other systems such as CRM, email marketing tools, and payment gateways.
    • Benefit: This streamlines operations and makes it easier to manage all aspects of the business from one place, improving efficiency.
  7. Expanding business reach:
    • Feature: Affiliate recruitment software helps businesses reach a wider audience.
    • Benefit: By connecting with affiliates who have their own networks, businesses can increase brand visibility and potential for higher sales.
  8. Administrative task management:
    • Feature: The software manages all administrative tasks involved in running an affiliate program.
    • Benefit: This allows businesses to focus more on their marketing strategy and less on managing affiliates, freeing up time and resources.

Affistash: A game-changer in affiliate recruitment

Having explored the diverse features and benefits of affiliate recruitment software, it's time to shift our focus on Affistash – a pioneering platform that is revolutionizing the affiliate recruitment process, truly standing out as a game-changer in the industry. Affistash serves as a powerful ally for businesses seeking to expand their affiliate network. Victor Giurgiu highlights the user-friendly dashboard, where marketers can access valuable stats, educational demos, and a wealth of discovered leads. The tool goes beyond conventional recruitment by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to identify potential partners, making the process more efficient and targeted.

The Anatomy of Affistash: A deep dive into features

affiliate recruitment software

1. User-friendly interface:

  • Affistash boasts a straightforward dashboard providing quick access to vital stats and educational resources.

2. Ai-driven partner discovery:

  • The tool's AI capabilities allow users to generate leads for various partner types, from content creators to media publishers, catering to diverse marketing needs.

3. Contact generation and outreach:

  • Affistash facilitates contact generation, offering details such as email and LinkedIn, making outreach seamless. Users can connect their mailbox and leverage AI-generated email templates tailored for different partner types.

4. Pricing plans for every need:

  • Giurgiu discusses the affordability and flexibility of Affistash's pricing plans, catering to both individual marketers and enterprise-level needs.

Victor Giurgiu's entrepreneurial journey and vision.

Victor Giurgiu shares valuable entrepreneurial lessons, emphasizing the importance of idea validation, networking, and pursuing one's passion. The discussion also provides a glimpse into the future of affiliate marketing, with Giurgiu foreseeing increased automation and AI integration in recruitment, onboarding, and data analysis.

Giurgiu sheds light on his late-night productivity, revealing that optimizing the Affistash landing page involved burning the midnight oil. He emphasizes the dedication required to keep refining and improving the tool, a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Connect with Victor Giurgiu and embrace the future.

For those eager to explore the possibilities offered by Affistash, Victor Giurgiu invites connections on LinkedIn and Twitter. The tool provides personalized demos, allowing marketers to experience firsthand how it can revolutionize their affiliate recruitment strategies. As the podcast sign-off suggests, keep on recruiting and stay tuned for the future of affiliate marketing!

Wrap it up, Dustin.

Affistash stands at the forefront of affiliate recruitment software, bridging the gap between innovation and industry needs. As the tool continues to evolve, it promises to redefine how businesses connect with affiliates, making the affiliate marketing landscape more accessible, efficient, and results-driven.

Affiliate manager consultant

Dustin Howes


Dustin Howes is a partnership nerd spreading the good word about performance marketing. He is the chief coach at and is dedicated to helping companies grow their performance marketing channels. He also provides affiliate manager training and private consultations, helping companies find the right solution for their budget.

Find out more about Dustin here.

Episode timestamp.

0:27Dustin introduces Victor Giurgiu, founder of Afstache, discussing affiliate marketing and software development.
1:49Vic highlights Afstache as affiliate recruitment software, focusing on automating lead discovery.
5:01Vic explains the origin of Afstache's name, emphasizing its connection to the affiliate industry.
6:47Vic specifies Afstache's target audience as affiliate and partner managers, particularly in the SaaS industry.
9:22Vic, at 17, shares his motivation and knowledge, discussing his market research for Afstache, an affiliate recruitment software.
13:36Vic details his market research approach, validating Afstache as an affiliate recruitment software through community engagement.
18:48Vic provides a live demo of Afstache, showcasing its features as an AI-driven affiliate recruitment software.
23:15Dustin advises managers to enhance outreach by connecting on LinkedIn and using Afstache's AI-generated templates in affiliate recruitment software.
23:33Victor explains Afstache's features, including direct partner recruitment, mailbox connection, and AI-generated email templates for affiliate managers.
25:04Discussion on Afstache's data sources: a mix of a manually collected database and APIs/scrapers for platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
26:28Victor shares Afstache's pricing plans, emphasizing affordability and the benefits of the enterprise plan for multiple affiliate programs.
28:07Dustin praises Afstache's pricing but suggests it may be underpriced, highlighting the value it offers for affiliate recruitment software.
33:49Victor envisions the future of affiliate marketing with increased automation and AI applications, emphasizing optimization in recruitment, onboarding, and commission processes.
37:46Victor defends his late-night activity, redesigning Afstache's landing page, showcasing dedication to improving the software for affiliate managers.
39:05Victor shares his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, encouraging engagement, personalized demos, and connection for those interested in Afstache.
42:03Closing remarks, Dustin highlights the importance of not underestimating individuals based on age and commends Victor's achievements.