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Agency owner Jennifer Myers Ward, who runs the show at ebove & beyond, is our special guest in this episode of the Affiliate Nerd Out podcast. She's here to spill the tea about her wild ride through the affiliate industry and share five of her biggest tips on how to succeed when running your own agency.

Some, you might be able to guess — networking and building a strong brand are key. But, some might not immediately job to mind. So, let's dig in with this seasoned industry pro to learn the secrets.

Who Is Jennifer Myers Ward?

Jennifer Myers Ward‘s story is seriously awe-inspiring. She began from square one and over the course of twenty years, has become a sought-after consultant in the affiliate marketing industry. She now runs ebove & beyond, an agency that provides email marketing, web optimization, and affiliate marketing strategies to businesses.

But, she didn't always run her own agency. And, in this episode, she shares what making that leap has been like for her It wasn't always easy, but she's learned many things along the way, some of which you'll find below and more that you'll find in the podcast.

4 Tips to Succeed as an Agency Owner in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

1. Use Networking to Build Personal Connections

“It's about taking it in and making a personal connection. Networking is beyond business cards; it's building relationships.”

What Ward Did:

  • Actively engaged in networking, attending numerous conferences and events to connect with industry professionals.
  • Listened more than she talked during networking opportunities, focusing on understanding others and creating meaningful connections rather than pushing her services.
  • Crafted personalized notes after meetings, mentioning specific details to demonstrate genuine interest and leave a lasting impression.

2. Build Your Brand

One of the things Ward focused on was building a solid brand and team. She saw the value in crafting a strong brand identity for her consulting business. Not stopping there, she pushed for hiring a capable team. She focused particularly on bringing onboard folks who inspire and challenge.

Building a brand isn't just about the exterior; it's about the values and what makes your agency unique.

What Ward Did:

  • Recognized the importance of building a strong brand for her consulting business, emphasizing both external and foundational aspects.
  • Advocated for a brand that reflects not only external visuals but also the underlying values and uniqueness of the agency.
  • Highlighted the significance of hiring individuals who align with the brand's values, contributing to the agency's growth and success.

3. Grow Your Resilience

Ward didn't have it easy. She made a big jump, kicking off her entrepreneurial adventure by going solo as a consultant just as she was about to become a mom. In doing so, she had to dodge several industry roadblocks and faced challenges in a mostly male industry.

At times, it got so hard that Ward considered quitting. But, in the face of financial uncertainty and client losses, stuck it out, choosing to face these challenges head-on, and becoming an empowering force within the industry for other women.

4. Empower Others

Ward found strength in taking charge and feeling empowered. She relished in taking the reins of her own destiny as an entrepreneur. Moreover, she cheered on everyone, especially women, not to let their gender hold them back when thinking about entrepreneurship. She underlined the freedom and control it offers.

Ebove & beyond is an award-winning online marketing agency that's been helping businesses grow since 2003. Specializing in affiliate and email marketing, they provide personalized strategies to drive traffic and increase online sales. Their approach involves focusing on customer acquisition, retention, and experience. The team, boasting over 70 years of combined experience, offers a hands-on, tailored service to each client, regardless of their size or industry. CEO Jennifer Myers Ward is recognized as one of the Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2023.

The rest of the episode.

This episode gets real about how key it is to have a rock-solid squad and the need to keep your mind wide open to what's hot in the industry. Ward gives us the lowdown on picking the best partners and pulling together a top-notch team. She dishes out some straight-up advice on sizing up folks when hiring and keeping a future-focused mindset about the industry.

The episode also brings in the thoughts of Victor and Mike from Affistash and Martech Record. They chat about their own experiences hunting down the right partners and crew members, and they get into the trends they've spotted in the affiliate world.

Episode Timestamp

0:28Dustin Howe warmly greets Jennifer, the agency owner of an ward-winning agency, ebove & beyond.
4:57Dustin expresses gratitude for Jennifer's mentorship, emphasizing the valuable lessons an agency owner like her can learn.
6:56Jennifer, as an agency owner, shares the story behind the name and logo of Ebove and Beyond.
12:15Jennifer reflects on the changes in the affiliate marketing industry throughout her extensive career as an agency owner.
16:07jennifer reminisces about being a female agency owner in the early days of the industry, navigating challenges at conferences.
18:00The conversation delves into Jennifer's career journey, from an Amazon employee to a successful agency owner.
19:30Jennifer discusses her transition from an employee to a consultant and ultimately becoming an agency owner in 2003.
22:21Jennifer details the hurdles faced as an agency owner, emphasizing the challenges of client acquisition and business establishment.
27:17Jennifer reflects on the hurdles faced by agency owners, touching on challenges and perseverance.
28:32Jennifer advises aspiring agency owners, emphasizing the importance of building a strong personal brand.
32:59Jennifer shares networking tips, emphasizing personalized follow-ups and relationship building beyond business for an agency owner.
38:12Jennifer talks about her transition from a solo consultant to an agency owner, emphasizing the importance of a strong team for agency owners.
40:48Jennifer reflects on the future of affiliate marketing, acknowledging the role of technology and the uncertainty ahead for agency owners.
43:24Jennifer provides various avenues for connecting with her, including social media and email, valuable for fellow agency owners.
45:10Dustin concludes the podcast, thanking Jennifer and teasing upcoming guests while encouraging agency owners, particularly affiliate managers, to keep recruiting.

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