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B2B Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for B2B SaaS companies is a rapidly growing and transforming sector, filled with invaluable insights and lucrative opportunities. Recently, I spoke with Joran Hofman, CEO of Reditus, on the Affiliate Nerd Out podcast and about this intriguing industry and the lessons he learned on his way up.

In the episode, we explored Hofman‘s journey and his effective strategies for affiliate recruitment, contributing to the success of Reditus, a thriving B2B SaaS affiliate management software platform that lets affiliate managers oversee the customer journey from end-to-end.

In the episode, Howes and Hofman discuss the swift growth in the B2B SaaS affiliate marketing industry and the crucial prerequisites for starting an affiliate program.

We also highlighted the profitable opportunities offered by B2B SaaS affiliate programs compared to their retail counterparts due to potential for higher ticket prices and recurring commissions. If you're looking to master B2B affiliate marketing, this episode is a valuable resource.

What is B2B SaaS Affiliate Marketing?

Business-to-business software as a service (B2B SaaS) is a relative newcomer to the affiliate space. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing models, B2B SaaS affiliate marketing targets businesses seeking software solutions.

B2B SaaS Affiliate Programs vs Retail Affiliate Programs

There are some key differences between 2B SaaS affiliate programs and retail programs. One primary one is the potential for higher revenue and recurring commissions you can earn through B2B SaaS programs.

While both B2B SaaS and retail affiliate programs share common trends, such as a focus on insights and data, the nature of transactions and business processes distinguishes the two.

Here are some of the differences.

1. Price

Hofman highlights that B2B SaaS affiliate marketing programs typically focus on commissions that range from $10 to $1000, with a special emphasis on enterprise deals that may involve longer sales cycles.

On the other hand, retail affiliate programs usually have lower price points, lower-cost items, and tend to have shorter sales cycles due to the nature of retail products.

2. Sales cycle

The sales process in B2B SaaS, particularly for enterprise-level deals, can be complex. They may involve demos, CRM interactions, and closure periods that range from three to nine months.

In contrast, retail affiliate programs generally have a simpler sales process that center around online purchases, and the conversion periods are much shorter.

3. Automated flows vs. Human intervention

Hofman underscores the significance of having fully automated flows in B2B SaaS affiliate marketing. It helps reduce errors and ensures accurate tracking amid the complexities of enterprise-level transactions.

Retail affiliate programs, however, might rely more on user-friendly interfaces for straightforward online purchases, making automation less critical.

4. Fraud considerations

While fraud concerns were traditionally associated with B2B SaaS affiliate marketing, Hofman says a growing acceptance and understanding of its effectiveness, had led to more companies adopting this model.

Fraud concerns are also common in retail programs, but the nature of the programs and the lower value of individual sales may result in different considerations.

5. More complex analysis of metrics

Hofman suggests there is a trend towards more sophisticated insights within B2B SaaS affiliate marketing, and more reliance on data and metrics to understand what works effectively.

Although retail affiliate marketing also values the insights gained from analytics, the complexity may not be as high as in B2B SaaS due to the simpler sales process.

6. Long-term perspective for entrepreneurs

Hofman advises entrepreneurs in the B2B SaaS affiliate space to be patient, as success may take longer than anticipated. Conversely, entrepreneurs in retail might also need patience, but the sales cycle and business dynamics could allow for comparatively quicker growth.

B2B Affiliate Marketing

What Is Reditus?

Reditus stands out as a specialized platform exclusively dedicated to B2B SaaS companies, focusing on a clear niche within the marketplace. Their goal is to “help to grow the MRR of B2B SaaS startups that have a focus on Product Led Growth (PLG).”

Utilizing a freemium model, Reditus distinguishes itself from competitors by allowing companies to start with free access, emphasizing value generation before transitioning to paid services.

The platform's commitment to affiliate success is evident through features like live chat support, informative articles, and blog posts tailored to their needs.

They are also open to building new features based on user requests, as Hofman recognizes the importance of adapting to evolving affiliate needs, including Affiliate API.

B2B Affiliate Marketing

In the episode, we also covered the trends within the B2B SaaS affilate marketing industry. These trends collectively portray a dynamic and evolving B2B SaaS affiliate marketing landscape, marked by increased sophistication, data-driven strategies, and a recognition of the influence wielded by thought leaders and influencers.

Here are some of the growing trends he's seeing:

  • Growing acceptance and adoption: B2B SaaS companies are increasingly recognizing the cost-effectiveness and growth potential of affiliate marketing, moving away from previous reservations about fraud.
  • Sophistication in approach: There is a trend towards a more sophisticated approach to B2B SaaS affiliate marketing, emphasizing the need for deeper insights into the effectiveness of specific strategies beyond mere traffic generation.
  • Focus on conversions and revenue: Unlike traditional B2C models, the B2B SaaS affiliate marketing landscape places a strong emphasis on understanding which affiliates contribute to actual conversions and revenue generation, reflecting a maturation of the industry.
  • Influence of thought leaders: Affiliates leveraging their networks, especially through channels like newsletters, highlight the increasing influence of thought leaders in B2B SaaS affiliate marketing. Partnerships with such influencers are becoming integral to strategies.
  • Shift towards partnership and collaboration: The landscape is witnessing a shift towards not only attracting individual affiliates but forming partnerships with those who have substantial reach and influence within specific business-oriented niches.
  • Increased adoption of revenue sharing: More companies in the B2B SaaS space are embracing affiliate marketing as a cost-effective growth strategy and are incorporating revenue sharing (rev share) into their overall strategy instead of focusing solely on lead generation.

Lessons Hofman Learned That B2B SaaS Entrepreneurs Can Take to Heart

Hofman transitioned from being an affiliate to building his own SaaS platform, shared his experience of what that journey was like in the podcast. He also outlined some of the lessons he learned that budding entrepreneurs (or even seasoned ones), might find inspiring.

  1. Patience and persistence: Building a successful SaaS business takes longer than anticipated. Entrepreneurs should be prepared for a journey that requires patience and persistence.
  2. Belief in your idea: Despite the challenges, it's crucial to believe in your idea. Keeping the vision in mind and staying committed to the end goal is essential for long-term success.
  3. Enjoy the journey: Celebrate the small victories along the way. While the end goal is significant, finding joy in the process and acknowledging achievements during the journey is equally important.
  4. Realistic expectations: Understand that the road to success in the SaaS industry is challenging. Entrepreneurs need to set realistic expectations and be aware that success often comes after overcoming obstacles.
  5. Continuous learning: The journey as an entrepreneur involves constant learning. Being open to new experiences, adapting to changes, and continuously improving are keys to success.
  6. Networking and collaboration: Connect with others in the industry. Networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals can provide valuable insights, support, and opportunities for growth.
  7. Reflection on challenges: Challenges are inevitable. It's crucial to reflect on challenges, learn from them, and use those experiences to enhance business strategies.
  8. Long-term vision: While navigating the day-to-day challenges, keeping a long-term vision in mind is essential. It helps in making decisions that align with the overall goals of the business.

Episode Timestamps

0:29Dustin Howe welcomes listeners to “Affiliate Nerd Out,” highlighting B2B Affiliate Marketing insights with guest Joran Hofman.
1:04Joran discusses his journey from SaaS to B2B Affiliate Marketing, emphasizing Reditus' focus on B2B SaaS companies.
1:49Joran shares his background, having built a successful website and transitioned into affiliate marketing.
2:39Exploring Joran's shift from SaaS to affiliate marketing and the frustration that led to creating his own network.
4:00Joran unveils the origin of Reditus, explaining how the name connects to recurring income and the evolution of the logo.
4:40The discussion delves into Reditus' services, offering a freemium model and a marketplace connecting B2B SaaS companies and affiliates.
7:56Exploring Reditus' refreshing freemium model, focusing on value-driven pricing and building a thriving network.
8:28Dustin discusses the importance of a proven sales concept before launching an affiliate program and addresses challenges in affiliate recruitment.
11:26Joran shares the limited tools used for marketing, emphasizing a podcast, blogs, and the incorporation of Jet GPT.
13:14Discussing the booming B2B SaaS industry, Joran attributes it to the ability to conduct business globally and the recurring revenue model.
17:18Joran and Dustin discuss the struggles of B2B SaaS companies in recruiting affiliates, emphasizing the importance of earning potential for affiliates.
18:07Exploring differences in affiliate program strategies, Joran recommends a rev share model over CPA to prevent fraud.
24:25Exploring the differences between B2B SaaS companies with varying price points, the discussion addresses the complexities of enterprise-level sales cycles.
29:17Dustin and Joran discuss the importance of considering the affiliate workflow in B2B Affiliate Marketing platforms.
30:46Discussion on finding B2B SaaS affiliates, exploring competitor backlinks and recruitment strategies.
34:41Joran discusses the growing trend of B2B SaaS companies embracing affiliate marketing as a cost-effective growth strategy.
36:16Highlighting the increasing involvement of affiliates in B2B SaaS through newsletters, creating side hustles and sharing knowledge.
37:06Conversation on the shift from lead generation to rev share in B2B SaaS affiliate marketing.
41:16Joran shares advice for entrepreneurs in the SaaS space, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and celebrating small victories.
43:09Teaser for Joran's upcoming discussion on B2B SaaS affiliate marketing at the Thursday event with a focus on basics and collaboration with a brand representative.
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