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Joey Asleson, Director of Growth at Team Bespoke, joins the Affiliate Nerd Out Podcast to discuss the exciting realm of Content Commerce. In this episode, he unveils how his firm pioneers innovative strategies in digital partnership marketing for emerging brands. The conversation delves into the influential CPC and EPC models within Content Commerce, highlighting their transformative impact on the industry, commission enhancements, and their crucial role as safety nets for content partners.

Additionally, the podcast explores the intersection of PR and Content Commerce, providing actionable tips for securing editorial coverage and effectively preparing for holiday content. Tune in to elevate your Content Commerce game with these invaluable insights.

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Affiliate marketing is continually evolving, with new strategies and models regularly emerging. In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Joey Aselson, Director of Growth at Team Bespoke, who shared his expert insights into some of the most significant trends currently shaping the industry.

Joey explained how affiliate marketing is working in synergy with PR to create shopping moments for consumers. He detailed how Team Bespoke, a digital partnership marketing consulting agency, goes beyond the traditional affiliate approach, employing innovative models like CPC (cost per click) and EPC (earnings per click) to drive results for emerging and startup brands.

What is CPC and EPC in Affiliate Marketing?

CPC and EPC models are becoming increasingly popular in affiliate marketing. These models provide a safety net for content partners, allowing them to promote brands without the fear of not being the last click in an attribution window. This increases commission rates and opens up new opportunities for partners, effectively revolutionizing the industry.

What is Content Commerce?

Content commerce refers to the practice of using content, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts, to drive affiliate sales. Instead of directly promoting products, content creators focus on creating engaging and informative content that showcases the benefits and features of the products they are promoting. By providing valuable information and building trust with their audience, content creators can effectively drive sales through affiliate links.

Building Relationships with Editors and Publications in Content Commerce?

In the podcast, Joey Asleson also delved into the intersection of PR and affiliate marketing. PR moments play a crucial role in creating shopping moments, and content can be effectively repurposed to resonate with consumers. Dealing with the challenges of gaining editorial coverage and preparing for holiday content, Joey shared practical tips and expert advice that can significantly elevate an affiliate marketing strategy.

PR and affiliate marketing, traditionally two separate realms, are increasingly overlapping. By marrying PR stories to your own and becoming affiliates to generate content, brands can create a strong narrative and foster deeper connections with their audience. The challenges of building relationships with editors, as well as the strategy behind seeding and gifting products to build awareness, were also explored in depth.

How Can You Build Relationships with Editors and Publications in Content Commerce?

Here are some tips for building relationships with editors and publications:

  1. Reach Out Early: Initiate contact with publications well in advance to discuss rates and opportunities.
  2. Collaborate with PR Teams: Work with PR teams to understand gifting moments and identify high-performing holiday products.
  3. Book Packages Early: Secure top placements by booking holiday content packages promptly, as prime spots fill up quickly.
  4. Stay Trend-Ready: Monitor industry trends and consumer preferences for the holiday season, including trending products like advent calendars. Incorporate these trends into your holiday content.

Preparing for holiday content and gifts is a significant aspect of affiliate marketing, especially for emerging brands. It's crucial to reach out to publications, discuss commission rates, optimize for EPAs, and work with the brand's PR teams to create gift guides. Focusing on top-converting products and staying ahead of the affiliate marketing trends can help brands make the most of the holiday season.

Overall, the insights shared by Asselson underscore the importance of staying ahead of the curve in affiliate marketing. By harnessing the power of PR and innovative models like CPC/EPC, brands can tap into new opportunities and significantly boost their affiliate marketing performance.

0:02Dustin Howes hosts Affiliate Nerd Out with guest Joey Asleson.
1:04Joey discusses content commerce in affiliate marketing for emerging brands.
3:59Joey transitions to Team Bespoke, emphasizing career diversification and content commerce's role.
7:39Team Bespoke's future lies in content commerce and influencer marketing.
9:50Joey defines content commerce and its focus on shopping content.
12:08CPC and EPC campaigns benefit content partners in affiliate marketing.
15:12LinkBee simplifies managing CPC campaigns for content partners.
18:41Technology isn't always necessary for CPC campaigns; direct communication can work.
20:50Joey mentions LinkBee as a tool for managing CPC campaigns.
23:55PR agencies and affiliate teams collaborate to repurpose PR moments into shopping opportunities.
27:03Joey explains the influx of PR agencies into the affiliate marketing realm due to the hunger for metrics and content commerce.
29:27Dustin and Joey discuss the concept of becoming brand affiliates, creating content and partnerships concurrently.
30:58Joey shares tips on connecting with editors, emphasizing relationship building and persistence.
35:07The conversation touches on the potential evergreen nature of COVID-19-related content and the importance of adaptability.
38:15Joey highlights the value of repurposing content and using affiliate tools like social listening to gauge brand sentiment.
41:03They delve into holiday content planning, emphasizing early outreach, commission rate optimization, and gift guide strategy.
45:31The dialogue concludes with Joey providing his contact information for networking purposes.

Wrap it up, Dustin.

With some interesting methods to find affiliate marketers, Joey Asleson is making brilliant moves to grow the affiliate channel for his clients. A CPC model in affiliate is not traditional and can be risky, but testing out a new model never goes out of style. Could a CPC model work for your content commerce affiliate program? Only one way to find out.

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