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In the latest episode of the Affiliate Nerd Out podcast, I chatted with seasoned recruiter Mike Carney, founder of, about his extensive experience in affiliate marketing and the tactics he recommends if you want to land a performance marketing job.

Over the years, he's noticed a rising trend of remote workers and companies looking to hire remotely for affiliate and performance marketing jobs. And, he recommends that if you have to choose between in-house and hiring an A-player, choose the A-player.

In the interview, Carney offered invaluable advice to job seekers, emphasizing the need for a track record of success, an achievement-oriented resume, a well-maintained LinkedIn profile, and the balance between being an in-house employee and an entrepreneur.

Whether you're looking to hire remotely or you're looking to land a performance marketing or affiliate manager position, you'll want these tips.

What is Performance Marketing Jobs? is an award-winning recruitment agency that specializes in the field of performance marketing. They assist both job seekers and employers in finding the right match and they focus on connecting people via real conversations instead of emails.

The award-winning site offers services like candidate screening, interviews, and compensation advice. Its founder, Mike Carney, brings a personal touch with his dedication to helping people and preference for genuine conversations.

Overall, serves as a comprehensive platform for those seeking to hire or get hired in the performance marketing industry.

Affiliate Managers vs. Performance Marketing Managers

One of the main topics we explored in the episode was the various roles within the affiliate marketing industry. We also explored the differences between an affiliate manager versus a performance marketing manager.

Both Affiliate Managers and a Performance Marketing Managers play crucial roles in marketing, but as you'll see, they have distinct responsibilities and focus areas.

What Does An Affiliate Manager Do?

An Affiliate Manager is primarily responsible for managing an organization's affiliate marketing program. They establish relationships with affiliates, negotiate deals, track their performance, and handle any issues that arise.

Their main goal is to grow the affiliate network and enhance the profitability of the affiliate program. They often work directly with affiliates to optimize their promotional efforts and ensure the company's brand is represented accurately.

What Does a Performance Marketing Manager Do?

A Performance Marketing Manager oversees all performance-based marketing campaigns, which can include affiliate marketing, but also encompasses other strategies like pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, display advertising, and more.

They are focused on achieving specific goals, such as generating leads or increasing sales, and their success is measured by key performance indicators (KPIs). They continuously analyze campaign performance, conduct A/B testing, and adjust strategies to maximize ROI.

In summary, while an Affiliate Manager focuses solely on managing and growing an affiliate program, a Performance Marketing Manager has a broader role, overseeing all performance-based marketing initiatives to drive specific business objectives.

Performance Marketing Jobs

10 Effective Strategies to Help You Get Hired as a Performance or Affiliate Marketing Manager

1. Build Relationships

Engage with employers by asking questions and fostering conversations. Establishing a rapport contributes to a positive impression and highlights your interest in the role.

2. Craft and Accomplishment-Focused Resume

Design a basic-yet-impactful resume by writing one that focuses on achievements and relevant experience. Present yourself as a solution to the employer's problem, emphasizing how you can contribute to their goals.

3. Know Your Numbers

During interviews, be well-versed in your professional achievements. Provide concrete numbers and metrics related to your performance, showcasing your impact on revenue goals, affiliate management, and campaign success.

4. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Maintain an updated and detailed LinkedIn profile. Highlight tasks and responsibilities from previous roles, offering a comprehensive view of your professional journey. This is crucial, especially when actively seeking opportunities.

5. Customize Your Resume for the Position

ailor your resume for each application, aligning your skills and experience with the specific needs of the employer. Customization enhances relevance and increases the chances of getting noticed.

6. Highlight Your Entrepreneurial Experience

While entrepreneurs might face hurdles in traditional hiring, emphasize the advantages in senior management positions. Showcase creative thinking, drive, and a proven track record of success, especially in launching new ventures.

7. Address Red Flags Up Front

Avoid short stays in positions, as they raise concerns for employers. If those occurred, clearly communicate reasons for transitions, and be transparent about layoffs or company-wide changes. Honesty is crucial to maintaining trust.

8. Embrace Remote Work

Recognize the trend towards remote work in affiliate marketing. Position yourself as a candidate comfortable with remote collaboration, expanding your opportunities beyond geographical limitations.

9. Network Within the Performance Marketing Association

Join industry organizations like the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) to connect with experienced professionals, gain insights, and stay updated on industry trends. Leverage networking opportunities and committees to enhance your industry presence.

10. Never Stop Learning

Stay up to date with industry developments through continuous learning. Attend events like Affiliate Summit, which often comes as a perk with PMA membership, to expand your knowledge and network.

Episode Timestamps

0:26Dustin Howes introduces affiliate marketing with guest Mike Carney, discussing affiliate marketing roles in the industry.
1:06Mike expresses gratitude, acknowledging Dustin's impact on performance marketing jobs.
3:26Mike shares journey, launching “Performance Marketing Jobs” over 10 years ago.
5:13Mike elaborates on serving online lead generation and technology in performance marketing jobs.
6:41Discussion on affiliate managers in performance marketing agencies and networks.
8:41Mike clarifies terms, emphasizing the value of diverse performance marketing jobs experience.
13:30Prevalence of remote work in performance marketing jobs, adapting to virtual collaboration.
15:14Analogy highlights limitations of in-house hiring, promoting remote performance marketing jobs.
21:23Pay scale breakdown for affiliate managers in performance marketing jobs.
24:25Importance of interview preparation, knowing numbers, and sales funnel understanding.
27:46Relevant questions crucial in hiring for performance marketing jobs
28:30Prepared questions vital for successful performance marketing job interviews.
29:33Simplify resumes, focus on accomplishments for performance marketing jobs.
32:14Updated LinkedIn crucial for performance marketing job opportunities.
36:15Tailor resumes for entrepreneurial roles in performance marketing jobs.
37:14Short stays raise red flags in performance marketing job hiring.
41:02Remote hiring for niche positions overcomes local talent limitations.
43:54:Talent acquisition challenges illustrated with NFL legends.
45:09PMA offers networking and free affiliate summit ticket perks.
46:47Connect on LinkedIn or email for performance marketing job inquiries.
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