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Adam Weiss, CEO of Weiss Digital Consulting, takes the spotlight on the Affiliate Nerd Out Podcast, bringing his Affiliate Marketing Consultancy expertise to the microphone. With two decades in the industry, Adam shares his journey from running the Rakuten Affiliate Network to his current consultancy role. Dive into the intricacies of affiliate marketing as Adam and host Dustin unravel its complexities. They explore coaching and consulting as navigation tools, the dynamic nature of the affiliate landscape, the power of sub-affiliate networks, and the significance of one-on-one relationships with merchants. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions in the affiliate domain.

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In this insightful podcast episode, we are joined by Adam Weiss, CEO and owner of Weiss Digital Consulting, a prominent affiliate marketing consultancy firm focused on strategy & revenue generation for publishers & technologies in the partner marketing space. Adam brings over two decades of experience in affiliate marketing and guides us through the complexities of the affiliate space, providing valuable insights and future possibilities, particularly with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Adam begins by sharing his professional journey in the affiliate space, emphasizing the huge opportunities on the publisher side of the business. He explains that publishers often need strategic assistance in various aspects such as entering the affiliate market, partnership development, and strategy for new revenue streams.

I've been consulting & advising, helping publishers, technology partners, and key players in the affiliate ecosystem, with everything from strategy to monetization and partnership development. That's the work.

Diving deeper into the intricacies of the affiliate landscape, we discuss the need for a ‘map' of the affiliate space, for veterans and newcomers in the space. With various and evolving publisher models, the landscape can be confusing. However, with proper coaching and consulting, one can accelerate entry into this space. To help, Adam created this landscape map to help give a directional overview of the publisher ecosystem.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, affiliate marketing has emerged as a potent tool for businesses. However, scaling your affiliate marketing consultancy is a task that demands strategic planning and execution. 

What is an Affiliate Marketing Consultancy?

An affiliate marketing consultancy is a specialized service provider that offers expertise and guidance in the field of affiliate marketing. These consultancies assist businesses and individuals in developing, managing, and optimizing affiliate marketing strategies. They offer valuable insights, industry knowledge, and tailored solutions to help clients maximize their affiliate marketing efforts. Services typically include affiliate program setup, performance analysis, affiliate recruitment, and campaign optimization. By leveraging their expertise, affiliate marketing consultancies help clients navigate the complexities of the affiliate marketing landscape to achieve higher sales, increased brand exposure, and improved ROI.

What role does a consultant play in scaling an affiliate marketing business?

  • Strategic Planning: A consultant helps develop a comprehensive growth strategy for the business, identifying new markets and opportunities based on data analysis and industry trends.
  • Performance Optimization: They suggest improvements in marketing strategies and operations to increase efficiency, conversions, and overall profitability.
  • Training and Skill Development: Consultants often provide training to the team, helping them acquire the necessary skills to manage and sustain growth effectively.
  • Relationship Management: They can assist in strengthening relationships with affiliate partners, improving communication and collaboration for mutual growth.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Consultants play a key role in interpreting business data, providing insights into performance metrics, and creating reports that guide decision-making.

How can I effectively scale my affiliate marketing business? 

There are several strategies you can adopt to successfully scale your affiliate marketing business. 

Here are four pivotal steps that will guide you on this journey:

Step 1: Understand the Affiliate Publisher Landscape.

Adam Weiss, a prominent figure in the affiliate marketing industry, has created a visual representation of the affiliate publisher landscape. This resource is designed to help advertisers understand the vastness and diversity of distribution in the affiliate space. With a wide range of publishers included, it allows advertisers to explore potential partnerships and identify opportunities for growth.

Remember: The landscape is not static and there might be overlaps between different types of publishers. Therefore, continuous learning and feedback are crucial for staying updated and improving your understanding.

Step 2: Identify the Right Time for Affiliate Marketing.

Understanding when to leverage affiliate marketing is pivotal. If an advertiser has a recognizable brand, and existing traffic, and is seeking a new monetization strategy, it is the right time to explore affiliate marketing. For startups with a growth plan, affiliate marketing can be a strategic option. Ensure that you have the operational infrastructure to support affiliate marketing, so you’re prepared when the traffic starts pouring in.

Step 3: Leverage Industry Communities.

Joining industry communities like Martech Record and the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) can be highly beneficial. These communities offer access to valuable research data, provide opportunities for networking, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing. Being part of these communities can help you stay abreast of the latest trends and make informed decisions.

Step 4: Understand the Role of Networks in Affiliate Marketing.

Networks play a crucial role in affiliate marketing. They facilitate partnerships between advertisers and publishers, track transactions, handle payments, and provide reporting and analytics. Working at a network can provide a comprehensive view of the industry and expose you to various business opportunities. Many individuals who have worked at networks have gone on to work at brands, publishers, or start their own agencies.

The rest of the episode of the affiliate marketing consultancy.

Further, the affiliate landscape's dynamics are heavily dependent on the business life cycle. Different strategies are needed for monetizing publisher sites at different stages of business. For instance, early-stage businesses might focus on partnership development, while mature businesses might look at new revenue streams.

A crucial point discussed in this episode is the potential of a sub-affiliate network. By functioning as an intermediary between publishers and large affiliate networks, a sub-affiliate network can offer advantages like simplified processes, wider access to advertisers, and more.

Another pivotal element of affiliate marketing success is building one-on-one relationships with merchants. Personalized interactions can lead to better understanding and cooperation, ultimately driving higher success rates for affiliate campaigns.

The conversation takes a futuristic turn as we delve into the role of Artificial Intelligence in affiliate marketing. AI holds immense potential to revolutionize affiliate marketing networks. By utilizing AI, affiliate marketers can identify the right partners, optimize their programs, improve operational efficiency, and enhance margins.

In terms of AI's impact on affiliate networks, one of the most significant challenges is finding the right partners. Traditional methods rely heavily on experience, but AI can facilitate new partnership identification, optimizing economic factors, and even predicting up-and-coming opportunities.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a complex landscape that can offer lucrative opportunities if navigated strategically. With expert insights like those from Adam Weiss and the future integration of AI, marketers can better understand and harness the power of affiliate marketing.

0:01Dustin Howes introduces the “Affiliate Nerd Out” podcast and his guest, Adam Weiss, CEO of Weiss Digital Consulting.
1:09Adam Weiss shares his background in affiliate marketing, including his time at Rakuten Advertising.
4:11Adam explains how he came up with the name for his company “Weiss Digital Consulting”, a prominent affiliate marketing consultancy firm.
6:04Adam talks about his transition into consulting and his focus on helping underserved publishers in affiliate marketing.
11:58The conversation shifts to the importance of providing value to readers and customers through content.
13:51The hosts discuss the value of forming one-to-one relationships for monetization rather than relying solely on sub-affiliate networks.
14:45Adam talks about the benefits of sub-affiliate networks for publishers to simplify their entry into affiliate marketing.
16:18Dustin and Adam mention tools like Affilimate, Trachonomics, and FMTC for affiliate marketers.
17:32They discuss the role of AI in finding the right affiliate partners and optimizing programs.
19:39A question from the audience addresses the impact of AI on affiliate networks, and Adam shares insights into how AI can help identify partnerships.
23:55Dustin emphasizes the importance of affiliate managers optimizing their profiles with relevant keywords on affiliate networks.
25:01Adam discusses the best approach for brands to pitch to publishers, focusing on alignment, values, goals, and understanding the publisher's needs.
27:09Dustin emphasizes affiliate marketing fundamentals and the importance of community support.
28:15Adam discusses creating a visual performance marketing publisher landscape resource.
30:20Adam seeks feedback and improvement for his landscape map.
34:24Adam advises affiliate marketing adoption for recognizable brands, startups, and mid-sized to large businesses.
36:03Adam shares contact info for LinkedIn, email, and the MarTech Record Slack community.

Wrap it up, Dustin.

Adam Weiss has a unique offering in the industry for monetizing publications with affiliate marketing. He has an incredible skillset to help businesses build strategy & find new revenue. His passion and industry knowledge show in his work. I recommend his services to anyone looking to maximize the value of their traffic and hope he joins me again to talk more about affiliate marketing consultancy tips in the future.

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Dustin Howes


Dustin Howes is a passionate advocate for partnerships and is dedicated to sharing the benefits of performance marketing. As the leading mentor at, he specializes in assisting enterprises in expanding and enhancing their affiliate programs through comprehensive online video tutorials, collaborative coaching sessions, and a supportive community of affiliate managers committed to mutual success.