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TvScientific Review

Vikki Danielson, Director of Partnerships & Growth at TvScientific the Affiliate Nerd Out Podcast to provide an insightful TvScientific review. As she delves into the workings of TVScientific, her discussion unveils the unique mechanisms that set the platform apart in the digital advertising landscape. With her expert insights, listeners are offered a comprehensive understanding of the platform's capabilities and its potential for growth.

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In the latest episode of our podcast, we delve into the fascinating realm of TV performance in affiliate marketing. We had the pleasure of hosting Vicki Danielson from TV Scientific, a connected TV platform, to share her insights on the subject.

Vicki begins by explaining how their platform helps brands measure their TV performance. It's a realm that transcends the traditional scope of affiliate marketing, tracking viewers who see an ad without requiring a click. They do this through a deterministic match of the IP, thus making performance tracking a breeze.

“I think it's a really exciting time for all of us in the affiliate realm… partnerships like TV Scientific and the more innovative opportunities are just going to open up more budget.”

TV Scientific's platform is versatile, catering to different brands on models like cost per thousand (CPM), cost per acquisition (CPA), and even through affiliate networks. They work with various streaming platforms and networks, making tracking and conversion data accessible, simple, and efficient.

The TvScientific advantage.

The conversation also touches on the importance of a strong call to action in commercials, and creative options like QR codes, TV codes, and sale discounts. The connected TV platform helps brands measure their performance and understand how their mix of marketing channels is impacting their end goals. This allows brands to quickly test and tweak their ads, thereby optimizing their marketing strategies.

A. The power of a compelling Call To Action (CTA).

At the heart of TvScientific's strategy lies a profound understanding of the importance of a strong CTA. Vikki Danielson, a key figure at TvScientific, emphasizes the shift from traditional branding to a conversion-centric model. The company's preference for prompt and action-oriented messaging, whether through QR codes, TV codes, or time-sensitive sales, showcases a commitment to measurable outcomes.

B. Creative potential unleashed on the big screen.

Connect to TV advertising taps into the immersive experience of television, offering a canvas for creative exploration. TvScientific encourages brands to experiment with 15- and 30-second ads, leveraging the unique attributes of the TV medium. The ability to stitch and modify content swiftly facilitates A/B testing, marking a departure from the traditional, time-consuming video tweaking process.

C. Navigating the QR code comeback with precision.

Despite the resurgence of QR codes, TvScientific brings a data-driven perspective to their integration. Acknowledging the challenges such as scan rates and streaming platform restrictions, the company advises a strategic approach. Vikki Danielson sheds light on the meticulous testing and evaluation processes employed by TvScientific, ensuring optimal QR code effectiveness.

TvScientific in Action: Testing and optimization

TvScientific Review

1. A no-integration, no-managed-service model.

A standout feature of TvScientific is its commitment to hassle-free entry into Connect to TV advertising. The no-integration, no-managed-service model eliminates launch fees, providing brands with an opportunity to test the waters without significant upfront investment. The emphasis on transparency and real-time adjustments aligns with the company's dedication to delivering tangible results.

2. Combatting attribution conflicts with data science precision.

Attribution conflicts can pose challenges in the affiliate marketing space. TvScientific addresses this concern with a dedicated data science team. Collaboration with brands allows for the fine-tuning of attribution windows and CPO (Cost Per Outcome) commissions. The company's commitment to combating misattributions and double payments underscores its dedication to delivering value.

3. Geotargeting precision for laser-focused campaigns.

TvScientific takes geotargeting to a new level, offering precision down to the zip code. While additional filters may impact CPM, the company collaborates closely with brands to strike the right balance. Geotargeting becomes a powerful tool for tailoring campaigns to specific locations, ensuring that advertising efforts are both precise and effective.

TvScientific review: Navigating the future of affiliate marketing.

The future of affiliate marketing is another key topic of discussion. Vicki reveals how TV Scientific's platform is prepared to ride the wave of future trends, particularly through geotargeting and day parting. This is an exciting aspect as it allows for more targeted advertising, improving the chances of conversions.

– Excitement for a data-driven future.

In Vikki Danielson's vision, the future of affiliate marketing is promising, with an increased focus on measurable results. TvScientific's data-driven approach positions it as a strategic partner for brands looking to optimize their marketing spend. The company anticipates a rise in budget allocations for channels that can demonstrate effectiveness, heralding a new era in affiliate marketing.

– Embracing diversity in verticals.

TvScientific welcomes collaboration with brands across diverse verticals. While acknowledging challenges in certain sectors like travel, the company's adaptability and commitment to tailor strategies to each brand's unique needs shine through. TvScientific positions itself not just as a service provider but as a long-term strategic partner invested in the success of its clients.

Wrap it up, Dustin.

The episode is a treasure trove of insights for brands looking to leverage the power of TV performance in their marketing strategies. With TV Scientific's innovative approach, brands can indeed smash their Q4 goals and beyond.

To wrap up, the convergence of TV performance and affiliate marketing holds enormous potential. It opens up new avenues for brands to connect with their audience and drive conversions. This episode provides a comprehensive understanding of how to harness this potential, making it a must-listen for marketers.

Affiliate manager consultant

Dustin Howes


Dustin Howes is a partnership nerd spreading the good word about performance marketing. He is the chief coach at and is dedicated to helping companies grow their performance marketing channels. He also provides affiliate manager training and private consultations, helping companies find the right solution for their budget.

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Episode timestamp.

0:27Dustin Howes introduces Affiliate Nerd Out and TV Scientific Review, welcoming Vicki Danielson as the guest.
1:05 Vicki Danielson introduces herself, discussing her background in affiliate marketing and affiliation with TV Scientific.
4:33 Vicki explains Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, highlighting TV Scientific's ability to place ads on various devices.
8:40 Vicki details how TV Scientific measures conversions without clicks, using IP matching for deterministic tracking.
10:04Vicki emphasizes the importance of collaboration with brands to tailor attribution windows and metrics for effective CTV advertising.
13:15Vicki mentions TV Scientific's integration with most major affiliate networks and their dedicated teams for smooth collaborations.
14:45Vicki clarifies TV Scientific's current focus on connected TV and internet-based streaming platforms rather than traditional cable.
15:39 Vicki explains the flexibility in TV Scientific's collaboration, either through affiliate networks or direct CPA models based on brand preferences.
17:20Growth marketing in affiliate space, connecting data for insights, enabling company growth, tapping into channels.
18:09Growth marketing in affiliate: measuring TV impact, connecting ad delivery to conversion, top-of-funnel branding.
19:51 Affiliate team's role in growth marketing, connecting TV ad delivery to conversions, closing the loop.
20:31Importance of a strong call to action in TV commercials, driving conversions, QR codes.
21:32Examples of call to actions in TV commercials: free trials, discounts, QR codes.
22:19QR code effectiveness, low scan rates, QR codes as checks and balances, A/B testing.
23:21Creativity in Connected TV, flexibility in ad content, quick A/B testing, unique medium advantages.
26:35 Challenges in travel and other funnel-dependent verticals, optimizing payable events, risk assessment.
28:41Future of affiliate marketing: personalized content based on viewer data, evolution in targeting strategies.
32:28Future of Affiliate Marketing: Increased budget, focus on channels that work, TVScientific Review partnerships.
36:31TV Scientific's target: All brands, all sizes; open for discussions, quick launch, and projections.
37:43Addressing attribution conflicts: TV Scientific's data science team tackles misattributions and double payments.